Amazing Graphics of Anomaly Defenders

Anomaly Defenders become one of the games that have incredible graphics. This game was made by Bits Studios with the same concept in some kind of game the previous tower. In this game the player will have a defensive position so will feel challenged. If you never played a game with strategy anomaly then you will be amazed with this game. Mechanisms and design in this game is made very detailed and complex.
Theme of Anomaly Defenders
Defenders anomaly is basically `one tower defense game. If you ever played the game of Diet Coke strategy to be applied by the player is almost the same. These games seem to have a simple technique, but you can feel the sensation of anomaly tower game. Each player will feel the beauty of the graphics is very detailed. Players have full control lane game through the first two games Anomaly. The best graphics in this game are seen floating on the building surface.
Feature of Anomaly Defenders
In Anomaly Defenders the player always gave the first opportunity to complete two games. This game provides 8 kinds of tower field that can be selected freely. Players only need to set goals in accordance with the target victory tower. There are several techniques that must be mastered as an ambush of enemy players, attacks on tourists, and sometimes fight for territory that many of storing wealth. Players also have to do a strategy for selecting the type of tower, determine where the tower, and avoid the traps of the enemy.
The proudest Anomaly governance Defenders is a very impressive graphics. All floating platforms appearance look cool and make the game more comfortable. In addition, there are several other advantages, namely:
– Game play in Anomaly Defenders set all players to choose the rules of the game. Setting all weapons, players, and patron of the start of the game. In each mission and the provision of energy and some of the supply of arms that can be managed by all the players.
– Details in Anomaly Defenders graphics look very complete. The game is described by the symbol and careful enough points.
– In this game the player did not have to learn the technique of tower defense for player’s new arrivals.
– Players have the opportunity to control all enemy lines so the traffic control tower in the game it becomes easier.
Although Anomaly Defenders has animation and stunning graphics, but the game also have some disadvantages. Some of the weaknesses that you may encounter are as follows:
– Tower in this game can be chosen freely by all players. But the provision of this tower was to have boundaries that are difficult to open. This makes the player will continue to feel back to the election of the same tower.
– This game feels less unique in the tower strategy that makes the players become more independent and able to evade enemy attacks quickly.
– If you play at a low level, then this game did not have the challenge and will seem boring.